News & Notes

  • Jul 14, 2017
    Our annual summer camp, starting this Monday, will help youth in our community explore their identities through mixed media. The camp will encourage our kids to reflect on their diverse identities while also learning more about each others'. We are trying to accomplish this by promoting artistic  exploration, specifically by exposing kids to art and helping them express themselves through different mediums.
  • Jul 14, 2017
    Jessica Cassel, whose mother is an immigrant from Brazil, is one of The Welcome Project’s 33 ESOL volunteer teachers.  She joined our team last year. Jessica teaches our intermediate English courses and loves the work she is doing. She emphasized that the special thing about teaching at The Welcome Project is how energizing it is to be with the students. She noted, “students really want to learn” and that the best part about her work is “hearing their stories and just developing great relationships with the students.”
  • May 5, 2017
    Race and ethnicity continue to play a factor within our nation and our politics. Although many refuse to discuss race, facts show race matters. If we focus on improving immigration for
    Latino’s, Syrian Refugees, Muslims, and other disenfranchised groups, we will improve immigration for all groups. A comprehensive immigration plan includes not separating families, but developing a pathway to citizenship, and a better policy on refugees.