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Empower our Immigrant Community

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Enable immigrant adults to learn English and navigate a new culture. 

This year, 150 adult students are enrolled in our English classes. Students learn the language to navigate a new community and culture and the leadership skills to be able to contribute meaningfully to the life of the city.

Cultivate leadership and language interpretation skills for a new generation of bilingual youth leaders. 

This year, 16 bilingual high school students are learning and demonstrating language interpretation and leadership skills through the Liaison Interpreters Program of Somerville (LIPS). These teens --  speakers of Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Hindi and Greek -- get professional training from certified language interpreters to help Limited English Speakers at community meetings throughout the city.

Organize and support immigrant parents to engage in their children's education. 

Through our International Parents Group and our ESOL class "English for Parents," immigrant parents are learning the language for navigating US schools so that they can meet with their children's teacher, arrange for tutoring, help with homework, and participate in the PTA and school decision-making. Parent engagement has a very substantial impact on the academic success of young people. 

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Donations can be mailed to: 
The Welcome Project
530 Mystic Avenue
Somerville, MA  02145
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